obama redux

something about obama’s exasperated response to this question about gays in the military makes me realize the potential of having a non-boomer, almost gen-x president. from le politico:

“We’re having a ongoing debate in our culture about homosexuality,” Obama said. “I believe that gays and lesbians are entitled to the rights that every American enjoys and if they are able and willing to serve in our military then we should re-examine those policies that prevent them from serving.”

something about reading this speaks to the part of me that still cannot believe that sentiments like Obama’s are not common-sense presumptions.


One Response to “obama redux”

  1. nuge Says:

    At the risk of maybe insulting some people, I think Barak kind of gets mixed up here. Gays are definitely willing and able to serve. Thousands of them already do, however, they are prevented from acknowledging their sexual inclinations. I don’t think the current policy “prevents them from serving” but it prevents them from acknowledging aspect of their personality and psyche, which are vital to having a sexual identity per se. This is really the issue (I know I’m splitting hairs here) our society will have to come to grips with its fear of the other, and understand that love is love is love before policies change. However, all that being said, it’s a good step in the right direction and Barak is a courageous man to bring it up.

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