Dear Mr. Fantasy

My fantasy is baseball. Commissioner NewBricks and I are right now commencing with the open announcement for the second season of Skin Kin Fantasy Baseball, on the heels of an inaugural year that captivated each and every contestant’s moral and tactical imagination. Who’s in?

Of course, I take particular pleasure in being the weird, priveliged link between the players, who range from Eugene Unionists to Juneau modernists to Dixieland money-men. Newbricks and I are upgrading the league and its software package as well; we’re laying out big coin to afford us all state-of-the-art, real-time stats and a larger league size. Who wants in?

I’d like to take this time to announce two new contestants from the NW branch, Kev-ron Hubbard and my significant one. I’d also like to suggest that we recruit Dan Squid, Martino Miller and Tron for this fold. I envision southern and western divisions, assuming we have the capacity. The process is sort of like deciding to whom your fraternity should assign a ‘bid.’

‘Waiting to hear from last year’s stalwarts as to whether or not they’ll be re-joining the fray: uncle? cinnabon? prisonguard?

Throw in if you’re going to throw in, so we can get to more difficult questions of stats, draft, etc.


3 Responses to “Dear Mr. Fantasy”

  1. andrew schmidt Says:

    I’m going to go ahead and talk with the good folks over at Yahoo Sports. Password and league ID to come.

  2. andrew schmidt Says:

    Skin Kin ’07

    ID: 214286
    Password: pabst

    14 teams for now. we can expand. i started it as free. we can upgrade anytime for some money.

    Live Draft:
    Sun, March 25th. 8:30 pm PST.

  3. wobs Says:

    I’m in, and look forward to mercilessly crushing you all (read, winning 13-12 week-in and week-out) in the regular season, only to crumble once the playoffs arrive.

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