(click the above link-y for a full-blown squid action snap.)

all the squids are talking about it: how dan every now and again puts down his gibson and assumes the punker front-man habitus. here the gang is joined by none other than ed cole on rock guitar and germanic good looks, which are notable around this otherwise..uh, “raw” ensemble.

it was another good one on Friday, with the best crowd of hooligan friends in some time.


6 Responses to “”

  1. Barry Says:

    If I may dote, friends, that was a righteously awesome show. It’s hard to beat 3 guitar players like that. You boys created a lake of sound for me and Cpt. Vano to explore all night long. Bravo!

  2. andrew schmidt Says:

    that looks really fun.

  3. nuge Says:

    Party on Wayne,

    Wish you guys were playing SXSW dis weekend. Anybody gots some recommendations you, label partiez?

  4. andrew schmidt Says:

    El-P: 03-16 Austin, TX – Emo’s (Def Jux SXSW showcase)

  5. frank Says:

    rockin’ man, i saw a youtube video of dan jones solo in the studio doing a song called ‘little machine’

  6. dan Says:

    I had to watch two episodes of The Dead Zone starring Michael Anthony Hall AND go to Ron’s Island Grill for the #1 (beef) to recover from that level of goddamn mf’ing FUN. YEAH!!!!

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