prisonship news and notes

* nobody’s downloading the audio files… is it cuz i use yousendit? is there a formatting problem for people?  any requests?
* the new son volt drops tomorrow,  and i’m sure a lot of my sonic life between now and the Volt/Magnolia double bill will involve deep Search intake. 8 outtakes are being released exclusively in the mp3 format. only one of them, ‘exurbia,’ is any kind of known quantity.

* my person works very, very hard at getting-into-nursing-school school.

* would love to see some folks get involved in this debate over here. it’s probably not really a debate, actually.

* when wobs and wilber bring up a topic within 24 hours of one another, you know it’s important.


8 Responses to “prisonship news and notes”

  1. david Says:

    honestly, lame as it sounds, yousendit takes one click too many to make it easy. many other music blogs like captain’s dead and aquariumdrunkard allow you to right click and “save target as” to download without first having to jump to the yousendit website. i don’t know how they have it set up, but maybe you could investigate?

    going to pick up son volt today at lunch. might also have to pick up gruff rhys and arcade fire.

  2. minx Says:


    I haven’t downloaded the files in awhile because my computer is getting full. I only have a laptop. But I’ve downloaded several tunes in the past from your links.

  3. Barry Says:

    A couple of things. First: David, that does sound lame. Yousendit is really easy to get files from. You’re being a “bitch,” as we used to say in our unenlightened, misogynist culture of the early 2000s.

    Second, the record store in Corvallis, “Happy Trails,” isn’t getting in the Son Volt record until next week. How’s that for an independent store? I try to help these guys out…but come on people!

  4. david Says:

    I was jus sayin.

  5. m. potato Says:

    hey pj, i think the fact that you can sock-it-to-me via the “yousendit” vibe is pretty stellar and easy to boot. thanks for the songs buddy…

  6. Jason Says:

    I like the new arcade fire, but only like. Its not half as good as funeral

    BJ, you should just buy another record. I guarantee it will be better. Try wilco

    I’m just sayin…

  7. minx Says:

    Arcade Fire… any good as a band?

  8. Barry Says:

    Jason, you’re really down on Jay, eh? I got a copy of The Search from the radio station (to review…ha!), and I really like it. Some of the later tracks, especially. One complaint, though… the album artwork. It looks like some high school kid’s crappy CD design project.

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