deadlines and commitments

rough week, this week. two grant deadlines waiting on Wednesday, one of which is for dissertation research in Guadeloupe. because of my new job (more soon!) and my increased interest in US politics, i fear that this may be a last chance for the Caribbean project. that weirds me out and ups the ante.

anyway, i’m going to a dependable stable of great records today, things i’ve been needing to upload as is:

wayne shorter, speak no evil

coltrane, expression, live in seattle, stellar regions

andrew hill, black fire

lester young, the president 

here’s hoping this brainy modern music induces some clarity of thought, cuz that’s what grant proposals demand, and that’s what i lack. my prof keeps saying, ‘be clear not brilliant,’ but the truth of the matter is less flattering. the truth is that if i cannot boil down my project to unambiguous, operational language, i shouldn’t be doing it, ‘cuz i can speak clearly about other things that are grantable.  you grasp the stakes, now?  i’m reticent to forfeit any chance that my life will never include equatorial years, reading the French commie quotidien and “asking subtle people unsubtle questions.” what’s an anthropologist, anyway? me?

One Response to “deadlines and commitments”

  1. minx Says:

    Is it me, or are several of us re-acquainting ourselves with far out jazz for some reason? I certainly am. I haven’t hit the jazz very seriously since 2000. Now when I hear it I’m in a whole different, but just as interesting, place than I was back in about ’98.

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