mellow classic mvps

So i would like to find and kiss the people behind MVP’s “classic” compilation series, as it’s amazing to see so much curatorital attention paid to a set of comps that are designed to be lost leaders, and retailed at less than $6! Since my birthday, i’ve scored classic mellow vols. 1 + 3, as well as classic jazz funk vol. 2, and they’ve rocked and shocked and chilled me the eff out. Here’s some hits:

You’re Welcome Stop On By – Bobby Womack

I don’t think Raenie was quite ready for my being so enamored with disco-y cuts like this when I announced my soul/funk immersion period. I don’t blame her for being semi-concerned, but I love this stuff. I love just finding the bass vamp and using everything else as ornamentation.
Playing Your Game, Baby – Barry White

It’s been said before that Barry White obviously owes a lot to Ike Hayes in terms of sex and grandeur, but he really does stake out a new sound. He is to Ike what Kevin Shields is to Thurston, to be crude about it.

Ain’t Nobody – Rufus and Chaka Khan

You don’t think you remember this track but you do! ‘Weird how classic mellow 1 seems to contain more 80s, neo-soul jams. Seriously, the last time I heard this track was probably in a furniture store. Didn’t Trefz Minx work with Chaka on this date? Again, when I announced to Raenie that I was going to take a break from dour whiteboy indie wank, she couldn’t’ve imagined it’d lead me to this!

Now, from the classic jazz funk 2 pocket:

Summer Madness – Kool and the Gang

Highest recommendations on this one, which I’d been trying to track down since overhearing it in the background of the original Rocky, and running into it in weird, washed out deep FM moments all over this land. Was Minx also on this session?

Let’s Make Peace and Stop the War – Funk Inc.

It seems so easy and natural, the way these guys sing about peace and stuff.

Okay, so seriously, consider these comps when making your next gift buy. They’re cheap and righteous and we want to keep these geniuses in business.


2 Responses to “mellow classic mvps”

  1. coffeeblackandcigarettes Says:

    I don’t think you take into account that I have already been through a similar phase. It is not mild concern; it is patience and amusement mixed with heart-soaring glee that we get a break from wanky white-feeling-sorry-for-myself-because-everybody-else-dresses-just-like-I-do-…and watch you joyfully dive into the tepid water that is disco-soul-funk.

  2. minx Says:

    Minx preferring the big bass with the big lady!

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