squid blurbosity

hee.  weird, half-truth portraits of the artist crammed into a puffy blurb.

i always got (the completely fallacious) ‘factory worker poet’ for the Falcon, and Dan gets ‘coffeehouse fuzzy guy,’ like he’s an indie Habermas sans hairlip who makes rad lasagna. that all these facets are for-real facets does nothing to make ’em less foreign when they’re perused in a middle-sized city digest.

i still need to read some Rick Bass. people’ve been touting that shit since the Sewanee Young Writers’ Conference, circa 1996. kevbo?

3 Responses to “squid blurbosity”

  1. dan jones Says:


    When is that “Tom Poquette of Underground Good Music” gonna stick, and to whom?

  2. Dave3544 Says:

    Now you have to decide between grad school, union work, and rock stardom as a Squid. Damn.

  3. km Says:

    despite the fact that I teach a course entitled “nature writing,” I no precious little about Mr. Bass. dan, can you illuminate?

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