moosic real quick

(i blame my lack of communcation re: music on the fact that i’m literally drowning in new records piled on over the course of xmas my birthday. slowly i’m gonna try to keep you abreast of my listenings, which basically can be abbreviated as funk + soul/son volt/abilene.

let’s start with the big caboose, rhino’s what it is?!? comp.

howard tate – 8 days on the road

yeah, so the thing is this: deal with the fact that this guy delivers this vocal with more earnestness than most of us have ever done anything; then think about this song is one of 14 b-sides he’s done that are just collecting dust somewhere. then think about the fact that after he finished nailing this song, he probably did like four more tracks that same day.

curtis mayfield – future shock

yeah, so what you need to know is that I, like, just got into curtis like two months ago. since then i’ve bought curtis, roots and superfly. i can’t think of the last artist i have encountered that made me feel so quivery and emotional as curtis does.

eddie hazel – california dreamin’

yeah, if you’re wondering how anybody pulls off a funk cover of this nugget, well… nobody really does, i think. the vocal is weird as all get out, but the point is the clock-melting psychedelic broadstrokes painted over a starry, big-bottomed pocket. i am pretty sure that there is a massive parliament-funkadelic period awaiting me… but i’m not forcing the issue.


One Response to “moosic real quick”

  1. m. potato Says:

    oh man, i need more of that eddie hazel shit in my life, man. haven’t had time to listen to music as of late, and that deep soul vibe is what i need…fuck.

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