four tracks from the son volt record are playing on their myblah site. we know “the search” and “the picture,” but it’s good to finally hear studio versions of “methamphetamine” and “circadian rhythym.” the latter plays really, really well, far more laid back and haunting than the more angst-y live versions i’d heard thusfar. the only tiny problem is the echo-y vocal track, something we from deke falcon refer to as “on the roof” syndrome, in reference to a song that got mixed with a heavy delay despite dave and my protestations.

wow, meth sounds good, too. right in son volt’s wheelhouse.

One Response to “woohooooooo”

  1. david Says:

    I agree these trax sound great, with the unfortunate exception of “the picture,” I can’t get past those awful horns even though it’s a great song. The live version with harp is way better. And I actually like the echo vocal effect on CR. Looking forward to picking up the disc on Tuesday.

    Do you ever check out aquariumdrunkard.com? He posts great music all the time, check out the Danish group Slaraffenland he’s got up there today. Methinks you’ll dig it based on what I know about your tastes.

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