So… today’s a very big day for labor as the Employee Free Choice Act begins its voyage into law. It’d be an even bigger day if W. hadn’t pledged to veto the bill, or if we had the numbers to override such a veto.

That said, it’s funny (in a bleak kind of way) to read the pundits talk about the dangers of Dems’ solidarity with special interests (apparently working people are a special interest group like the gun lobby or the Daughters of the American Revolution.) It’s even more flattering to hear about the anti-democratic essence behind the right to organize.

Let’s take Representative Pete Sessions, for example:

Pete calls the Employee Free Choice Act “a blatant attack on the American system of free enterprise as we know it today.” I’m sure many of us appreciate the compliment, Pete, but EFCA is actually pretty middle of the road.

Union workers average 30% higher wages than the workforce average. They’re 63% more likely to have healthcare, and 4 times more likely to have pensions. Surely Pete wouldn’t suggest that our benevolent free enterprise system opposes those gains? That’d be as indiscrete as me suggesting that I oppose the free enterprise system! Nice litmus test, this bit of legislation.

2 Responses to “Boom”

  1. nuge Says:

    What planet are these nitwits from, this is the domestic version of what we’ve had in the foriegn policy debate since Bush took office. Enough to make any American with a thread of soul left want to vomit. Maybe Pete needs his third eye opened up a little bit?

  2. Barry Says:

    Bish, I think you’re just the man to do it.

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