oh, pendulum!

(how the pendulum hath swung, and who we’ve come to be since it last swung this way.)

m. dowd, former bush strategy wanker and the man behind the Swift Boat miscarriage, has come around and says that, well, he has to say he’s disappointed in the prez:

Mr. Dowd, a crucial part of a team that cast Senator John Kerry as a flip-flopper who could not be trusted with national security during wartime, said he had even written but never submitted an op-ed article titled “Kerry Was Right,” arguing that Mr. Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat and 2004 presidential candidate, was correct in calling last year for a withdrawal from Iraq.

Jesus, man. Has anybody sucked it up and watched that Kerry documentary Going Upriver yet?

it’s good to be back in blogtown after all this time. a lot of stuff happened to me and my family that doesn’t need to be blogged about. but i have a lot of other stuff to say. new job starts Monday, and I saw Son Volt / Magnolia Electric last Wednesday in PDX with mashedpotatoe dave. and songs to pass out. wow, it’s weird and bisty here in oregon. spring’s sprung.


20/20 interview with Hugo Chávez Part 1

this was a highlight of the weekend i forgot to mention: walters vs. chavez. i love it when he talks about being able to beat bush in a general election.


a second installment of really deep husker du outtakes/rarities on the amazing fount of archival smart hardcore, somethingilearnedtoday.


as many of you know, i am one of the world’s few zwan fans. well sir, people like me would be interested in this awesome-ness over at runout groove. in particular i recommend “riverview” and “spilled milk.”

jan 2007 mixtape

prisonship 1/2007 cormp
(edit: i’m having trouble with file compression. i’m on it, though. it’ll be up soon.)

for the second time, plainsong. this is ian matthews’ band from the post-fairport days. both this record and the matthews southern comfort release deserve mention to those who dig the gene clark, john phillips, gram and crosby vibes of laurel canyon weed n’ country.

the aureate, per mission. this is weird collage action from jason noble, semi-legendary sophisticate from louisville institutions like rodan, rachel’s and shipping news.

hazey jane, nick drake. i swear again and again i’m gonna take like a couple-year hiatus from nick drake, but then an astonishing blog like timehastoldme ends up unearthing early demos and outtakes, and in such a thorough way! a new old take on a favorite.

frisco blues, bayless rose. another mind-mugging, inside-fleecing bit from american primitive 2.

autumn sweater, tortoise. that tortoise box set runs real deep, dude.

fool to cry, rolling stones. now we’re talking. gtr, man.

at her open door, dead meadow. dead meadow, labradford and bardo could all tell interesting stories about how being consistently great can result in your being underrated. every time i hear this song i wish that i’d written it.

postcards from scarborough, michael champan. my current fave non-son volt song?

beach red lullaby, flying saucer attack. this song’s on all the mixtapes for me. this is a beautiful song by a musician i really admire. when i rent my rehearsal space next month, i’m going to start churning out stuff that could legitimately be dismissed as fsa-wannabe vanity drone-ballads.

false positive, anders parker. a hard rocker on the great, soft and sad s/t. i love it when he calls out the “hair doo jerks.” god, anders’ live set that mp and i saw was fucking amazing.

monkey with a gun, the yayhoos. this is what it sounds like to get drunk with my uncle ramsey over a pack of camel lights. you skip lunch and forget dinner, getting in a slap-fight cuz randy won’t stop making squealing noises in the sports bar you’ve ended up at. it’s only 7:40 for chrissakes.

hannah and gabi (live), lemonheads. speaking of uncle ramsey.

haunt you down, pavement. i’d still name this one when pressed for top five gtr solos, even though the ‘lo itself is maybe four bars and three notes. god, the vibe on this song reminds me of waking up to god knows what at sixteen.

will to love, neil young. and then let’s wrap things up with bittersweet and pensive canadian dry-humps.

morch, twodowzin an seven

(sunday wrap-up wank below)

friday’s talk went fine i think. malone said it was “right in my wheelhouse,” which rightly captures both my satisfaction and dissatisfaction about it. i hope it clarified some things for people who spend a lot of time around my jabbering jaws, but i don’t need to to hear myself talk about laclau and poulantzas as this point. really, i need to see myself write about them. let’s hope that happens this Summer. i made a 3 year writing plan for the first time, and was shocked to find that, hell, i still apparently think of myself as somebody who could/should publish things. maybe i suspected having a shrink or a blog would’ve taken care of that unnatural impulse.

many fantastic friends of mine are on the verge of giving birth, which reminds me that it is important always to maintain some hope. to say anymore would be hokey.

yesterday i was out on the road to pdx and back. ‘met my new bosses and rocked an eight-hour strategy session with some deep-shit tacticians. i drove home over cheez-its and a tigermilk bar, both of which were stale. dandro’s birthday materialized around me, and funny laughs over fizzy water. you know how it is, i’m sure. best thing is, raenie and i led the mets back from a two-run deficit to beat the Dodgers in LA. we’re only five games below five-hundred now. i woke up from 5-6am and heard espn radio blather about fantasy baseball draft strategies, and i smiled the smiles of a dated, frisked man.

anyway i’m running errands today for fear of finals week. there’re no finals, but there’s a grant i’ve got to pull off. who knows, froonds? maybe i’ll end up watching hoops, maybe i’ll end up playing records. either way the floor’ll get swept.

tumbleweed connection era

what about this era of elton?

ballad of a well-known gun

i think his vocals are strong, and the licks on gtr rule. there’s something about 70s FM production values that make me melt, though, so i’m capable of forgiving a lot.

come down in time

on this one you can hear the guy who championed nick drake. total bryter production values, here.  but then i could also hear stevie wonder doing this.