Prisonship, starring “You!”

An informal but very serious poll arises within me.

1) whom would you have preside over our nation?











The aformentioned options are the only options available: You must choose.

2) Crap/Not Crap: Statehood for Puerto Rico

3) Crap/Not Crap: Joseph Lieberman

4) Crap/Not Crap: Nancy Pelosi

Thank you for your time. Your readership is important to us. photo-52.jpg


21 Responses to “Prisonship, starring “You!””

  1. Wilbro Says:

    1) Not crap.
    2) Crap.
    3) A wet fart, but not totally crap.

  2. wobs Says:

    Right now, I’m going to have to say “Obama” (with Edwards running a very tight, within the MoE second). As a point of information for future endeavors by Prisonship Polling, LLC: I’d start including Bill Richardson in your field – he’s my darkhorse right now, and is lock, stock, and barrel the most qualified candidate in the field. By this fall, he’ll be an impact candidate.

    And continuing
    1) Not crap.
    2) Unequivocally, without a doubt, crap. Did you read this steaming pile in the WSJ? Dear lord.
    3) Serious not crap. She’s ably handled the poo flung at her by the GOP with a “feh” of disdain; she’s had a great first two months shepherding through popular pieces of legislation while maintaining an ideologically diverse and notoriously fractious majority; and she’s using the perks of being in the majority with an eye towards building a bigger majority in ’08, from her helping freshman congresscritters consolidate their seats to her judicious grants of access to committee chairs. Pelosi’s a pretty damn effective politician and power broker, and she’s on our side for the most part.

  3. wobs Says:

    BTW – does your Mac always take inverted photo images like that?

  4. Dave3544 Says:


    Not crap, with a major caveat. Only if the people of PR overwhelmingly support statehood. Interestingly (not really) when I was a debater one of the resolutions concerned PR statehood. My opposition refused to debate the resolution because it is a “well-known” fact that the people of PR oppose statehood and the issue was a moral absolute beyond the realm of “debate.”

    I served with crap. I knew crap. Crap was a friends of mine. Sir, Joe Lieberman is no crap. To compare Joe Lieberman to crap demeans you, me, and crap. From the lowliest of craps, a flower may spring. You get enough crap together, a garden may grow. Nothing good for man or mankind has sprung from the barren wasteland that is the dusty political mind of one Joe Lieberman.

    I am reserving judgment on Madame Speaker. She’s stumbled a bit and has yet to get the Dems on one freakin’ page when it comes to the War and I can feel my firey passion that heated me through winter begin to wane with the spring thaw. The GOP knew to throw their base some red meat every now and again. Dems are worried about the “sensible middle.” Still, no major clunkers and one day the Senate might pass some matching legislation and something positive might happen sometime.

  5. lexdexter Says:

    no vote for prez?!?

  6. nuge Says:

    Edwards (Kucinich as a d.h.)

    not crap (if they want it)
    running down my leg
    not crap (hated her during the last congress some of her statements seemed like they were made under the influence, doing a pretty good job this go round)

  7. Wilbro Says:

    Pat –

    Sorry. Forgot about the original question there. I got distracted by the first “crap/not crap” on Puerto Rico. I’m seriously considering changing my initial issuance of “not crap” (though I won’t – yet)…I’m currently of the opinion of sparing P.R. of being dragged down with the rest of us. Anyway, my current standing on the preztalk is Obama.


  8. lexdexter Says:

    in wrestling terms, i’m what one would call a “mark” for Edwards. when he drops out, this all becomes a means-ends situation (it’s already 75% a means-ends situation, i’m just pleasantly jarred to find somebody saying so many things i agree with.)

    2) crap (this is impossible to answer, really, which is of course why i asked. but one must factor in the legacy of votes against statehood, and the independence movement.)

    3) crap

    4) not crap

    let’s hear some more people weigh in! i know i’ve got more readers than this… at least two more, anyway.

  9. andrew schmidt Says:

    “Look, I mean” I’m with Biden. I like him. I think he’d be the best for ME in 2008. I’m actually for Obama to win, but seriously, I’m afraid he will be shot.
    Why is Edwards so great? He’s a fucking lawyer. Why should i begin to trust lawyers?
    2) crap.
    3) crap
    4) not crap

  10. andrew schmidt Says:

    scratch the lawyer rip. they’re all lawyers, i guess.

    regardless, why Edwards?

  11. minx Says:

    1. Edwards
    2. not crap, as long as P.R. wants to be a state. I think Nick already pointed that out.
    3. crap
    4. not crap, verging on crap

    Will Gore jump in the mix later?

  12. Barry Says:

    1.not crap, i guess, although I’m fairly ignorant of the ins and outs of this.

  13. km Says:

    You asked for your readers to weigh in with comments, well I’ve got a question instead: since when did the Prisionship diverge from its mission of being the clearinghouse for music-y cultural commentary from a trotsky-reading, marxist-leaning, Theoryhead-cum-labororganizer toward a vision of adding to the overwhelming blogospheric-discourse on mainstream D politico mumbojumbo?

    do I speak for the prisonship readership when i say: we demand a return to our regular programming?


    apathetic in alaska

    PS All that said, I also share andrew’s question: why edwards?

  14. Mike3550 Says:

    Edwards – Because he is talking about things that most politicians don’t dare touch with a ten-foot, nay, twenty-foot pole (i.e. race relations, poverty, unabashedly supporting labor unions).

    1) I don’t know. Seems to me that PR should be independent
    2) I agree with Dave3554
    3) I couldn’t stand her as Minority Leader, but I have to say that she is doing a fairly good job – therefore, no crap. And, I don’t think that she has stumbled, but has only been made to look bad as her wish-washy counterpart in the Senate can’t get anything done and the right-wing attack dogs go after her. Seriously, Limbaugh, et al. would simply look mean attacking someone as pitiful as Reid.

  15. wobs Says:

    C’mon km, watching the ponies preen is fuuuuun!

  16. The PrisonShip the records i’m scoring, and why « Says:

    […] my “taste,” anyway? apparently kevin believes there’s a difference, as he’s intervened rather unbecomingly with a call to order amidst our poll. prattle-prattle-prattle, “km.” we’re here […]

  17. km Says:

    ok, ok… i’ll play nice:

    1) obama, for some of the same reasons i almost threw my vote away on Nader in Y2K (hope, passion, etc). but, like andrew, I worry that he, too, may go the way of bobby, malcolm, martin, jack, etc.

    for the rest of my uninformed votes:

    2) N/C on PR.
    3) C on joe.
    4) N/C on Nancy.

  18. andrew schmidt Says:

    That is a good video. Thanks for the response.

  19. lexdexter Says:

    “Organized labor has been the most important anti-poverty movement in American history — strengthening the middle class and providing good-paying jobs for millions of Americans. We need to make it easier for workers to organize themselves into unions. If a Republican can join the Republican Party by signing their name to a card, any worker in America ought to be able to join a union by doing exactly the same thing.

    “By protecting a worker’s right to join a union, we give more Americans the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty and into the middle class, which is why I have been all over this country the past few years, working with over 20 national unions to organize thousands of workers, walking picket lines and speaking out in support of workers’ rights.

    “I encourage the Senate to pass this legislation and hope this is just the beginning of a renewed effort in our country to protect working Americans and strengthen organized labor.” – edwards

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