politico, vacation

a big ‘not crap’ for politico.com. until now i’d dodged reading the politics blogs – there seemed to no reason to do all the work, what with wobblie around – but this week’s debates have me amped up, and i watched the politico guy spar hilariously with the prez in his most recent press conference.

anywho, i love this Sunday talk show preview. chasepack journeyman Joe Biden is bound to embarass himself when he teams with Richard Lugar to talk Evil Axis, and Ann Romney seems like an important new part of Mitt’s surge/augmentation. i’m not sure i’ve got the heart or the intestines to deal with tim russert vs. tony snow, though.
long weekends at the oregon coast are best weekends. i’m absorbing dozens of new records, thanks to cass and kyle and raenie and her family and dan jones. raenie’s wrist-deep in a puzzling 250 piece jigsaq problem.

we rocked a mastered copy of the squids alb against the backdrop of stormy, foamy ocean and foamy ocean town. i am genuinely pleased. listening to the guitar solos is weird, though, as the solo has been taking a back seat in our attack recently.

barry walker is allegedly joining this party a demain. i have an interview on monday, and i haven’t yet played guitar since arriving in the foamhouse. foom.

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  1. Wilbro Says:

    “Jaws 3” is by far my favorite “Jaws” film in the series – with the exception of the original, of course. I remember that I watched “Jaws 3” first and it didn’t ruin the original for me one bit – I went for a real long time thinking that Jaws won in the original because there was a third movie. And Louis Gossett Junior is in it. “Iron Eagle,” daddy – isn’t that his big thang?

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