preacher, meet yr choir

i was moved by a review on the pitchforkmedia site today – fancy that! it’s a review of the new album from Hisham Bharoocha, former drummer for them black dice.

whoever this reviewer is, he and i have traversed the same long roads to the place we’re at now. ‘weird how 90s hardcore spawned a whole gaggle of experimental/electro-acoustic action (black dice, get hustle, deerhoof) in advance of  the proggy no-wave antics of lightning bolt and pink and brown and hell and etc.

weird, the journey from pabsts at a house show to a smoky dorm room with amm on the box. thank christ for the lynchpins in between, for this is where i identify. to invert d boon, ‘this is sst to me.’

One Response to “preacher, meet yr choir”

  1. nuge Says:


    Deerhoof is pretty rad, Teeth bought their latest last weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it while sampling some stain with him last weekend. We also checked this band called the Golden Arm Trio. I was pretty impressed.

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