seven second d’awesome

by now many readers have probably noticed that tom scharpling has become something of a fixture for me. less ballyhooed but equally loved is wfmu’s seven second delay, a clearinghouse for shallow, cutting yucks and contrived call-in conspiracies of the highest order. the show stars SNL/Letterman/Monk scribe Andy Breckman, and FMU’s christlike general manager (and able straightman), Ken.

well, the lads hit paydirt yesterday! for a jersey guy and lifelong reader of the Times, this is, like, as big as the Colbert White House thing.

if this bit of news makes you wanna know more, i’d strenuously recommend checking out the January 3rd or November 8th episodes over here. for an interesting glimpse into Breckman’s blood feud with Don Maclean (Will!!!), check this out.


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