romney watch

not one, not two, no…three comrades reached out to let me know that i should know about my man Mitt’s entray into the GOP chasepack, babe. ‘wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you comrades.

i’ve been waiting for a special occasion to wade into other people’s chase pack, and i’m glad as hell it’s here and it’s Mitt-related.

a heroic venture capitalist from Mass, Mitt catpured the imagination of a bunch of would-be researches in Ithaca, NY, when we discovered his having bankrolled this genius, Linda “Whole Foods/Bright Horizons” Mason:

Mason is also the author of “The Working Mother’s Guide to Life.” (If anyone, anywhere, ever mounts an organizing campaign around her “centers,” I will work it for free. I will pay to work it. Abolish lifestyle liberalism!) Mason has also been named one of the “25 most influential working mothers in America” by…Working Mother Magazine.

ah, back to Romney. apparently meredith and i have been beaten to the punch in semi-serious our quest to start RomneyWatch, a mitt-related marketplace of latter-day politiques.


One Response to “romney watch”

  1. meredith Says:

    gosh, all those years my mom spent struggling to find a job with her 15 years of housewifery on her resume– when she could have just picked up Working Mother magazine! I wonder if the women who work at Bright Horizons for $8/ hour know they have Mitt to thank? Because if there is one thing Linda has learned about being a working mom is that it helps to have access to venture capital.

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