never trust anyone over 27

(i have no idea what’s up w/ l’emoticon below. it’s prolly just jezuz having a larf: jezuz, jezuz!)


1) wake up with raenie, hurrah! ‘can’t wait to spend my gift certificate; raenie loves me.

2) toasted poppyseed bagel and cream cheese w/ double latte from humble bagel still clad in “house shoes,” mind you)

3) shave, shower, primp

4) long walk to school, listening to tom.

5) coffee, pls.

6) listen to title track off forthcoming son volt elpee.

7) 150 pages of photocpying – i am, after all, a “research assistant.”

8) meet with aide to U.S. congressman.

9) union meet.

10) swim? dean vain.

11) lunch

12) perfunctory snacks, party-party yeah @ l’office de GTFF. figurative and literal grievance organizing, pls.

13) reunite with raenie, pick up new gtr (!!!) at post office.

14) some sort of quiet dinner/strawberry malted (mebbe a mint chip shake). family, pls.

15) some sort of quiet.

16) read/listen to that section of ulysses where daedalus is walking along the beach thinking morose, pretentious thoughts, scornful of those who’d expect him to be so doing. cuz, you know… ‘ineluctable modality of the visible.’

17) baseball

18) hopefully tout va bien

19) full night’s sleep, pls christ.

saturday/sunday: clean record room, write job letters, plan Spring Break, listen to miles/coltrane/cecil, maybe watch something from the religious trilogy. sensible lunches, swimming, etc. as little c-span as possible, though i’m psyched to glimpse somebody’s annoucement. really, just some kind of quiet, “peace,” please.

no blowout parties for the first time in at least a decade. and no. fucking. hangovers. the cool thing about not drinking is that you can walk by somebody saying “we’re gonna get you so fucked up, brandon” into a cellphone and realize how effed it all is. old father, old artificer…..


9 Responses to “never trust anyone over 27”

  1. minx Says:

    Happy birthday, Lex. Hopefully your dear uncle vanio will drop by for a kiss.

  2. Jason Says:

    happy birthday-

    Jose Oquendo

  3. m. potato Says:

    hey dude, sounds like life is good as you ring in another year of being. nice d.f. poster in the background of your reversed pic. might make a lad sorta nostalgic for simpler times and hot summer days that conclude in loud whimsical band rehearsals, warm beer, and sweat chips drying on a red and white strat…



  4. Barry Says:

    Happy Birthday, PJ. May God bless and keep you always,
    May your wishes all come true, etc.


  5. wobs Says:

    Happy birthday! I’m sorry my body is under assault by some mean-ass microbial invaders. A pox on their houses!

    I’ll celebrate with you soon!

  6. Barry Says:

    by the way, I remember that Wilbur produced the same smiley face thing, when typed an eight with a parenthesis behind it: 8)

    I think that’s just the command.

  7. nuge Says:

    Good to know you still got that half year on me. Teeth and I’ll throw one back fr ya tonight!

  8. frank Says:

    Birthday greetings PattyJoe!

  9. Kyle Says:

    Hey Pat.
    I stopped by the Post Office and some fella there tried to sell me a barbecue grill. I turned him down and went to the next counter and bought me a puppy.

    He’s cute.

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