the senate is stupid

is the above assertion more infantile than obvious, or vice versa? i’m trying to get better about speaking my feelings, rather than draping them in irony or some other form of obfuscation. so think of this as one exercise on my mental health fitness course.

i spend too much time (maybe 30 minutes/day) watching this shit unfold on cspan, to be sure. wobs in particular has lived through my slow, remedial realization that the senate is a ridiculous body, far too aristocratic of accomplishing much that isn’t first and foremost about whiteboy pomp. there are some honorable people in there, to be sure, but something about the format neutralizes all of that.

if sophia coppola had been so hip as she’s thought to be, she’d’ve portrayed today’s debate in the trappings of versailles, rather than grafting post-punk junk onto olden days. what’s sicker than watching a vital debate play out like a soap opera, with all of the generalized whiteness and wealth that similie entails. opinions differ, but egoism abounds in every corner of the room. in comparison, the House now seems like the Paris Commune. let’s hope somebody can get ‘er done over there.


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