PrisonShip Imaginary Seven-Inch Series vol 27

Blonde Redhead, Astro Boy b/w I Don’t Want U

If this group wasn’t oft-evoked in our member them 90s? thread, they certainly should’ve been. Though they’ve somehow permutated into a quintessentially 4ad band (between mojave 3, the breeders and scott walker – think about it!), I have to say my heart’ll always be most warmed and disturbed by the early, ‘New York’ days. These days are captured on the first lp (from which I’ve culled these two tracks) and the early seven-inches. Astro Boy has appeared on 3/4 of the mixtapes I’ve busted since first hearing it, and I Don’t Want U is a scary album-opener that I should’ve mentioned when praising the Liars most recent first song. Please enjoy these scary, pretty tracks; praise to Kevin for scoring me a copy after I’d played and scuffed mine into oblivion.


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