the national conversation

mebbe i just stare at computer screens way too much, and thus prone to hyperbole. but a certain thought won’t go away:

it seems to me that the (postponed, purloined) debate awaiting congress promises to be one of those fork-in-the-road, pilgrim-at-the-crossroads events for our political culture’s immediate future. again, all this occasions a gut-check, litmus-test-style wheat/chaff-fest for the dems.  if they cannot be loud and effective in this context, then it gets a lot harder to believe we’re going to see any progress until (at least) 2008.


4 Responses to “the national conversation”

  1. Web Comrade Says:

    Socialist Organizer has a new site at The old one at no longer works. We’d appreciate it if you would update the link. Thanks!

  2. nuge Says:


    I think hyperbole is what this entire debate has amounted to especially those articles you just posted (especially the surge/no surge arguement and the pissing match over language).

    About the only thing I can identify with is the comment that it is a political solution not a military one, which is about the most opaque statement on earth, given there’s about 7 major political problems actually in Iraq. As well as the fact that no one really seems to want to go out on a limb on how you might do that (the commission on the war had some ideas that have been pretty much flat rejected). The dems. for the most part have the correct position on this one though I think. Now that being said a few of the plans that have been tossed around (actually Obama’s) looks decent to me, although with a much increased civil service presence (in terms of reconstruction). If that shit don’t begin, the situation is going to keep puking up lives. So I guess we go back to the political problems, nothing gets solved until we try to solve these (everybody wants their peice of the pie) but nobody has the balls to do it right now.

  3. Barry Says:

    The quote by John Cornyn about the vote being a symbolic statement that the Republicans are going to be relevant minority is really shitty. Is this guy for real? A symbolic statement?? (not to mention the unavoidable observation that the Republicans made damn sure that the dems weren’t a relevant minority for the past several years.)

  4. lexdexter Says:

    the shitty truth is that the situation in iraq is now so messed up that it’s hard to know what the fuck to do, besides things like involving other regional powers, which of course we should have done a long time ago.

    truth be told, i think the republicans have looked pretty good in the debate so far. i agree with mcconnell that the dems should cap funding, and that only that move really walks the talk of being anti-surge and anti-Bush. i think the Dems will continue to regret not opposing the Bush/McCain doctrine more baldly and more strenuously, although the republicans may come to regret it even more. all in all, i don’t think a symbolic resolution will help the democrats escape criticisms of “lacking an alternative plan.” that’s going to be the case until they start taking way more concrete action against this irresponsible escalation, and the diabolical, profit-motivated anarchism that has occasioned it.

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