i just sobbed through edwards’ speech this morning. mebbe it was the cumulative effect of a rough, rugged period i’m living through, or the catharsis of seeing somebody saying the right things after a coupla years coming of age as an activist in a horrifying climate. i don’t like to fancy myself somebody susceptible to a moralistic tenor, but edward’s implication that the Dems could learn something about mettle and backbone from organized labor (uh, yeah) certainly helped, too. and that bit about reclaiming the Democratic party…

i don’t think i have it in me to watch Hillary’s speech right now.

One Response to “yikes”

  1. nuge Says:

    Yea crying and puke aren’t too good of a combination i’d say. How is she so able to talk out of like 4 sides of her mouth. Methinks, a more polished kerryesque could be her target, she needs to do some more market studies.

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