chasepack’s back, sucka

joe effing biden, people! this shit’s serious now.

meanwhile, john edwards is the only dem candidate even paying lip service to substantive, dramatic change in our iraq policy (let alone redistribution at home). dave’s wise-assed and stirring call for some spine from the congressional dems has to my mind only been dignified by edwards. of course, edwards’ isn’t in the position to make the votes he’s demanding; thus he’s bought the moral high ground at a rebate.

the other thing is that edwards’ campaign is about “more than just the presidency.” labor’s firm behind him because they know that, win or lose, he’ll be bringing issues of healthcare, poverty and the politics of work to a national audience in a way that no other credible dem could. if i’m supposed to accept the assertions that ralph nader has organized a political movement despite never winning the presidency, i want people to consider similar prospects when they dig on the tenor of what the ex-senator’s doing. whether or not he gets to tackle john mccain or whoever, edwards’ every success helps build momentum for what could be called his party’s “economic justice” faction. that faction’s battling on a nasty, neoliberal front in 2007, and it needs all the help it can get.

3 Responses to “chasepack’s back, sucka”

  1. Jordan Says:

    Nice fireplace, Joe.
    I still have a bad taste in my mouth about Edwards, although I fully admit that I need to buff up on what he actually proposes and believes, if it is still possible to see what politicians “really” stand for. One reason for this bad taste is how even when he stood next to Cheney (for god’s sake!) in a debate he still appeared slimy, especially his low-blow “let’s remind conservatives that your daughter’s a lesbian” bit. In the future I’ll need to assess him on less intuitive ground, I know, so thanks for the labour related primer.

  2. lexdexter Says:

    i concur about the lesbian daughter bit, jerry.

    by the way i’m coming to bahia in may. no big deal or nothing, though.

  3. Jordan Says:

    are you serious??!? What for?

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