New New Son Volt tune

The Picture…‘ I really, really cannot imagine that I’ll learn to dig this particular horn break. But never underestimate what I can rationalize when it’s J.F. at the wheel.


13 Responses to “New New Son Volt tune”

  1. david Says:

    yeah, the horns sound kind of tacked on, but i like the song in general. reminds me of the band’s rock of ages, but not as funky, more SNL house band. ouch.

  2. frank Says:

    eeehh, i don’t know about those horns either but i dig the song pretty well. those kind of melodies can be tricky to support it seems – sumpn’ don’t jive quite rite

  3. m. potato Says:

    yeah, i tend to agree, but also think that if he had slowed the over-all tempo of the tune down and then instead of having multi-tracked horn jabs, using just a single trumpet would be much more effective…but as it stands, jay farrar, meet the NPR crowd, i hope you like van morrison…

  4. Barry Says:

    Jay Farrar and the E-Street Band!

  5. Barry Says:

    That might seem mean, but I didn’t intend it to be. The song is good, and maybe he won’t have a crappy horn section when he plays shows.

  6. m. potato Says:

    yeah, it’s also important to remember that, when in the depths of the recording studio, it’s VERY easy to lose perspective of what is really going on and what is “crap/ not crap” (to cop a well used term on this blog-o’-sphere). jay is still a master of his craft, and actually “the picture”, in form is a good song as far as i am concerned.

    it’s just kind of scary to see champions of under ground scenes grow up and risk losing their edge or wade into the murky waters of the “adult contemporary” genre. but whatever, that fear is usually more of a mirror for our own unanswered questions/ insecurities…

  7. lexdexter Says:

    right again, potato. we actually got to see a hornless, way somber-er version of ‘the picture’ at the gob blowout. and doubtless it’ll be cool in full-band (and hornless) mode, come 3/28.

    and also, yeah, anybody who doesn’t understand the high probability of diharrea-ing all over one’s songs in the studio has probly never been in the studio.

    so all this make me love jay all the more, hopelessly and dorkily. – p

  8. Jason Says:

    that is a fucking AWFUL track. whoever produced that shit should be flayed.

    it does finally sound a little different, which has been my chief beef with Jay in recent years, but different doesn’t cut it with this one. tho if you takr the horns away it sounds an awful lot like “medicine hat”

    later, fuckos

  9. lexdexter Says:

    it bothers me less every time, the horn thing.

    jason screeches like a lover wronged; what’d jay do to you, nail? is this about that time he ran away from you outside the belcourt?

  10. minx Says:

    I liked the “later, fuckos” part the best.

  11. Barry Says:

    me to, Minx

  12. Barry Says:

    Sorry, I meant: Me 2

  13. Jason Says:

    his songs have been lame for a few years now. Okemah or whatever was the last straw…

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