Speaking of Dirty


I do hope that all the Sonic fans are familiar with this amazing Dirty b-side, ‘Genetic.’ If not, please familiarize yourselves. I believe the track was originally included on one of the singles, but it’s subsequently appeared on the miles-deep Dirty Deluxe thingy. ‘Genetic’ is another amazing Lee song, kind of like a ‘Mote’ equivalent, wrapped up in Dirty-ish, feedback-y clothing. I’m sorry it didn’t make the record – instead of, say, ‘Nic Fit’ or ‘Swimsuit Issue.’  But then, I’m always confused by how many Lee songs get marginalized. I look forward to the rumored release of Ranaldo’s ‘singer-songwriter album’ (sorry, Tron!) this very year.


One Response to “Speaking of Dirty”

  1. terrainasaur Says:

    This happens to be one of my favorite SY songs. good old Lee, man who’s songs all kind of sound the same but manage not to.

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