More Fierce ChasePaction

Good morning, USA. Wake up to the bold moves of Chris Dodd. Can I get a ‘boom!,’ Dave? It’ s not for nothing he announced on Imus in the Morning, eh?

Christ. And then there’s Hilary’s appearance on the Today Show this morning. She needs to sit the eff down and become one of those drafty old career Senators (maybe Kerry’ll let her hang out with him.) Her Iraq statement was a disgrace, straight out of the blame the Iraqis – or more specifically, blame the sectarian government we installed – playbook. Gah. Go away, Hillary. I don’t wanna find myself knocking on doors for you in two Novembers.

So we got Hilly on the center, Obama (who opposed the war in ’02) silent and on the center-left, Dodd staking similar ground and Edwards rallying anti-war crazies like cinnabon. The real question is, where does Joe Biden stand on these matters? (edit: since this went to press, it’s come to light that Biden is behind the definitive and toothless anti-surge legistlation due from the Senate…woohoo!)

I love this game.


One Response to “More Fierce ChasePaction”

  1. meredith Says:

    ha ha! you really should write to hillary with your advice. I still need to make my “Hillary ’08” T-shirt with a hammer and sickle on it.

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