hot for jay, again

the shock of gob iron and multiple listens to The Search‘s righteous title track have overcome that horrible, original blurb i mentioned back when.

having read jay’s actual thoughts on the album, and having witnessed the ‘have you met your new niece?’-esque album art, my expectations are once again unreasonably high. i’m thinking that this one is gonna have all the sci-fi death/sex freudianisms of sonic youth’s sister, but with william carlos williams writing the lyrics. unreasonable, i know.

(edit: the image file is way too large for wordpress; follow the ‘album art’ link to see the real thing.)


2 Responses to “hot for jay, again”

  1. nuge Says:

    I saw son volt at the ACL Festival last summer and thought they were great.

  2. m.potato Says:

    wtf is that photo of anyway?! some sorta’ cat-buddha-borg-bust?!! completely bitchin’ is what i says…

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