Let’s Hear it for the Chase Pack!

Woo-hoo! Chris Dodd and Joe Biden, baby.

Doubtless Dems everywhere are having a hard time keeping it – whatever ‘it’ might be – in their pants today.

Anybody wanna come forth with some non-binding endorsements? Dave’s announced for Obama, and I’m feeling Edwards-ish (Crease too?), though I might throw Kucinich a vote in the primary. Who’s with Hillary?
Where are the rest of you? Do we have any Greens out there?


7 Responses to “Let’s Hear it for the Chase Pack!”

  1. wobs Says:

    I’m feeling more and more in the Edwards camp these days, primarily because of the impression I’m getting that he wants his run to be more than a presidential campaign. If he’s into building a grassroots social movement – and I don’t have any reason to believe otherwise – then count me as very interested.

  2. wobs Says:

    Did I forget to mention: uh… Biden and Dodd, woohoo?

  3. nick Says:

    kucinich/edwards; hillary and obama are a little to animatronic for my tastes (as in feed $100,000 into back for your fortune)

  4. minx Says:

    Too early for me to say. Will the two party system every be broken? It has been in the past at very critical times. Before the Civil War, American parties split up and that ultimately led to Lincoln’s election when the Democrats presented two candidates in competition.

  5. david Says:

    minx, i see your history teaching is paying off! it’s hard to imagine a viable third party emerging in today’s ultra polarized political environment. but then again maybe it’s the perfect time for it to happen. i’ma prolly vote for edwards. i like obama but wish he would bide his time for a few more years before entering the fray, and i am concerned about his support for writing the pentagon blank checks. i don’t care for hillary.

  6. Dave3544 Says:

    Andy Stern loves John Edwards.

  7. nick Says:

    I heard an interview with Vilsack the other day, pretty interesting fellow as well. Also read that Ron Paul is running as a Republican this year.

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