so it begins/needles and pins

ah, so begins the 11oth congress today. i’m having a hard time prying myself away from CSPAN, even though nothing’s doing yet.

Rep. Patrick McHenry is currently screaming about the Dems’ decision to close debate on its initial legislation. What’s funny is how, since he cannot go too far in decrying partisan bullying (he’s a veteran of the 109th Congress, after all), he’s settling into a way wimpier tirade. Apparently, the problem isn’t partisan bullying, so much as the perceived hypocrisy in Dems’ campaigning against such tirades, only to succumb to a ‘by any means necessary’ policy for its first 100 hours’ worth of legislation. Fascinating.

Personally, I’m fine with fast-tracking legislation that cuts student loans, raises the minimum wage and clears the way for a half-way sane prescription drug plan under medicare. But then I’ve always been a bit of a Leninist.

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