Jersey, NYC hauliday haul

So I got a couple of tweeds, some shirts and the first season of HBO’s Rome from the family. Also the Barack Obama book (attention Uncle!), some weird evolutionary psychology from stepmama, and gift certificates for Powell’s, praise christ.

Anyway, I’m writing mostly to bask in the historic mass of music with which I’ve returned. My sister (who also scored me the new Pynchon novel) came through with Bob Seger’s new album and, amazingly, Dire Straits’ Making Movies. Raenie presented me with the amazing new Sonic Youth b-sides collection, and Cassidy won the day by providing this.

All that said, I subseqently went on a binge of retail therapy that only the Lower East Side could’ve ever facilitated. Confining my browsing to only the used sections, I came away with these:

Roy Montgomery 324 East 13th Street #7

Directions in Music s/t

Sir Richard Bishop Salvador Kali

David Grubbs A Guess at the Riddle

Varnaline s/t

Sam Prekop Who’s Your New Professor*

Hall of Fame Paradise Now

Bastro Antlers Live 1991

Him New Features

Versus Secret Swingers and Two Cents Plus Tax

Stereolab Cobra and Phases

Per Mission A Ritual Loop

Spiritualized Let it Come Down

Joan of Arc The Intelligent Design of…

Channels Open

Mojave 3 Excuses for Travellers

Dixie Chicks Taking the Long Way**

(* = Full Disclosure, I bought this new, but at a reduced, ‘Xmas Special’ price of $9.99;

** = I got the Chicks’ album for free cuz my step-brothar plays on it.)

Anyway, I’ll try to leave little one-sentence reviews of these records in the ‘comments’ section, as I get around to spinning ’em. Lemme know if you’re interested in anything in particular.


One Response to “Jersey, NYC hauliday haul”

  1. prison gaurd Says:

    Interested in the Rome bit. Have you already seen it? I was intrigued by this when it came out. I kept thinking to myself “there’s no way this could ever come close to I Claudius” in terms of the less is more ethos. But maybe the new version just proves how good the original was, or is it totally different. Let me know, yo. Also intersted in the Pynchon. Been kind of on a music hiatus as of late…too much overkil on the torrent train.


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