le hate

as many of you know, i hate the decemberists. thanks to the always dependably snotty vice for putting my rage into snotty words.

“Oh good, more nasal songs about rogues and curs and bustles. Hey, could you let us know when the Wes Anderson Fantasy Songwriting Camp lets out and you go back to being a gangly lit dork who still gets shoved by people at 30. Just a heads-up’d be nice.”

(written by a saint named ‘Kelron Chubbard.’)


2 Responses to “le hate”

  1. TronnDoe Says:

    I don’t know too much about this band; I do know that they seem to be all the rage on the Vandy radio station, which is a good sign that they should be avoided. Interestingly, I find the stuff they’re the least hyped about is the best…you know kind of staples of recent college radio; Will Oldam for example.

  2. minx Says:

    Kelron Chubbard = Luther and Pete

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