Bordowitz, Critical Art Ensemble

Weird how things fall into place. I’m still too punchy to even look at my draft index, so I decided to look up Gregg Bordowitz, whose pretty amazing, pretty ‘what the fuck?’ kinda talk was a highlight of the Rethinking Marxism Conference for me. So what happens when I rock a google on this bloke? Well, it turns out I find an interview he conducted with Steve Kurtz of the Critical Art Ensemble, whose “Marching Plague” project got ’em in quite a bit of trouble. The accompanying video stood out – sorta in the ‘art as politics,’ not ‘political art’ way – from almost anything I saw at the (political art-tastic) Whitney Biennial.

Strange that I cannot find a site devoted to Gregg B.’s video work. He’s apparently spokesperson for the CAE Defense Fund, and lectures just about everythwere. His talk was about the Iraq War and contemporary video stuff, but it was all over the place, really. He was really cavalier at points, in a way that’s refreshing for my social scientist arse. He was happy to drop a lot of kinda theory bombs, in a way that’d make your average academician wet herself. He rolls out lines like “it is the great failure of the late 20th century that Walter Benjamin remains relevant” in a manner more playful and punk than dilettantish. I’d like to see his video work, anyway.

The other thing is that I saw him checking out of the hotel, and he was nice to the concierge. That sort of shit is my litmus test for academics, these days, because I don’t want to go into a business that might convince me that I don’t need to be nice to people. ‘Don’t wanna be one of those marxists whose cappucino’s somehow never ‘wet’ enough.

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