so sad news

from desoto records

j robbins and janet morgan (jawbox, burning airlines’) son is stricken with spinal muscular atrophy, and needs help.


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  1. The PrisonShip callum, merry xmas « Says:

    […] you may remember a sad post re: callum robbins (son of j robbins and janet bean) and his battle with spinal muscular atrophy. well, j and janet have posted a warm and steadfast letter on j’s website that relates their experience in much more detail. it’s a beautiful thing, the first really moving sight i’ve seen this season.  it makes me wanna go hug my loved ones, which i suppose is timely, and it makes me wanna not wimp out on doing the right thing. i’m not talking about appropriating others’ suffering as a kind of buttress, here; i’m talking about the solidarity that comes with seeing other people rise to occasions nobody asks for for xmas, and the subsequent will to be one’s own exemplar. […]

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