the Honeymoon’s actually an Amway sham

I thought I’d at least enjoy a brief love affair with our new dem majority, but the whole thing’s rapidly degenerating into a bad-breathed, tongueless kiss. On the heels of Goff’s attention paid to the fate of pro-choice politics under our new center-center-center-left legislature, Meredith surveys the dismal prospects for labor’s one major legislative initiative (apologies to the visionaries at AFT.)

Nothing about this situation makes me glad that organized labor increasingly sees dem-boosting as its raison d’etre, lemme tell you. Are the dems going to turn me into a trot by ’07?

My surging impulse to peddle newspapers and misinterpret Lenin notwithstanding, I do want to hold off on condemning the new congress before it gets to work. On a sunnier front, Prison Guard cannily hipped me to Barney Frank’s recent spiel, which can be said to represent an ‘economic justice’ faction within ‘our’ party, and which touts labor’s future  as a continued presence in our little civil society. More on that faction and its futures in another post.

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