raenie props

1) raenie just launched into an amazing inventory at her place

2) wfmu’s mike lupica – not to be confused with the horrible sports reporter – has recently called for a reconsideration of the bad brain’ mid-period I Against I album. it’s really good reading. they are maybe the greatest ‘hardcore’ band of all time, i think. maybe second. if you’re counting husker du, however….but it doesn’t really make sense to count husker du!?! it’s a weird issue. i keep meaning to write something about the ‘hardcore’ canon, hardcore dude culture, and my relationships with both. soon.

raenie’s the staunchest advocate of this era of Bad Brains that i know. she used to drive HR around Los Angeles. i am better-versed in the Rock for Light-era and what came before, but i’m open to new things.

5 Responses to “raenie props”

  1. coffeeblackandcigarettes Says:

    Is Husker Du considered hardcore? I guess I can only see part of that. I love what he said about time and place, though:

    “The “I Against I” album opened with a terse blast of visceral fury, but then became a plodding and wonky excursion into what I then deemed “prog-metal”. My cranium had no time for that, Jack.”

    and then, “For whatever reason — age, different points of reference, late-blooming crappy taste — those wonky “I Against I” deep cuts sound utterly revelatory to me now.”

    It is so interesting to me how we “grow out of” or “grow in to” different genres, albums and even perceptions of music.
    Having worked at a record store for a thousand years, I have been exposed to and found that I really love, a lot of music that my younger L.A. punk rock self would have smirked at.
    Thanks to Mike Lupica for those words.

  2. minx Says:

    Yes, yes. Nice post and response. I’ve been trying to explain this issue of growing into more and different genres to my students. I try to break people from an emphasis on technical prowess (especially among the metalheads or proggy types), one-dimensional social affiliation (this goes for several of the groups), or rejection of certain genres completely (the softies usually reject rap, punk, and anything with screaming, discord, etc.)

  3. andrew schmidt Says:

    Alan Wray gave me a copy of HR’s “Human Rights” (SST, 1987). I like that album a lot, especially the omega side. I guess that came out right after “I against I.”
    What do y’all think of that one?

    Viva Azania,


  4. coffeeblackandcigarettes Says:

    I don’t know about HR’s reggae stuff. Stephen Egerton from All used to say that he was a poser, more or less, by stating “he’s just a nigger from D.C.”. As horrible a thing as that is to say, his point was that Joseph’s spreading of oils into his feet in the back seat of my Dart while chanting and screaming “Haile Selassie I” and “Rastafari” at the top of his lungs, challenging me not to wreck the car in shock at the sudden loud noise was somehow inappropriate due to his cultural background. But Stephen is just a mormon from Utah, so why does he get to claim punk rock? Oh yeah, he plays with Bill Stevenson…
    I do have a copy of “Human Rights” autographed by H.R. He wrote: “To a very special person my spiritual sister Rainy. For in these most trying times, let us never forget the essence of love in which without none other can compare. Thank you so very musch for all firm vibs. Sincerely from the heart, Ras Joseph I”.
    I thought that was really sweet. He’s a nice guy, poser or not, and I belive that he firmly believes in Rastafarianism. He also vayned the hell out of my Dad once at a party in Pedro. And H.R. sits next to Marcia Griffiths in our reggae lp section. That makes me pretty happy.

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