you get what you deserve

wow. the already-mentioned son volt blurb is still ringing in my ears like an orchestra of glass shards and i just go a wilco e-blurb that seriously reads like a LL Bean catalog.

but then again, i kind of deserve that for liking those two bands so much, and following them so attentively. there are bands i like better than them that i listen to much less. has that ever happened to you? that last son volt record is really a drop-off, isn’t it?


3 Responses to “you get what you deserve”

  1. Wilbro Says:

    Paddie-Cakes –

    Whatever. Reviews are just that – reviews. That didn’t stop you from seeing “Happy Feet,” did it?



    I had a dream about Birdman and Reg last night. They tried – and failed – to open their own burger joint, free of the manacles of labor shackled upon them by Maurice. It didn’t work out, now they work for Maurice again.

  2. shell-itch Says:

    yeah, that blurb does sound pretty scary. i read “eastern style guitars” and get nervous. who knows it’ll probably be good, and for the record i really like okemah.

    i’ll have to check out those bands you linked to, never heard them cept magnolia who i do like.

  3. minx Says:

    I’ve never rocked the Sea and Cake. Describe them for me, somebody. Would I like them? I’ve been into blitzed-out ambient apocalypses, etc., of late. I do like Tortoise, a lot. Haven’t heard anything since Standards, so I could use an update there, too.

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