black flag ‘louie louie’ ep for ya! this is from the halcyon, pre-Henry days. i’d say my war is my fave proper album, but everything went black is the release i listen to the most. the thing about the black flag singer debate is this: it doesn’t effing matter, cuz greg ginn was in the band the whole damn time! who’s a better guitar player than greg ginn? nobody in the punk rock tradition, anyway. there’d certainly be no power chord sludge like that of bleach without ‘damaged.’

also, i’ll take the insane improv/composition action on process of weeding out over the weirdest zappa you’ve got (though not over beefheart – that’s where the line’s drawn.) no hyperbole involved, here. the guy is a bad, bad man.


2 Responses to “flag”

  1. coffeeblackandcigarettes Says:

    Exactement, love. That’s what I’ve been sayin’.

  2. Todd Says:

    the post was to make a little debate and see where it goes, all singers had their time. i agree with you that with ginn there is no better.


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