vont leest*

*not that i’d ever condone the copying of wildly successful albums i once owned and’ve lost. this is merely a leest of albs that i once owned and dug, but probly won’t get around to nabbing again until i’m even older and even more dependent on embellished images of my younger, cleaner old days.


belle and sebastian, if you’re feeling sinister
doors, strange days
tribe called quest, midnight marauders
rolling stones, goat’s head soup
smashing pumpkins, siamese dream
whiskeytown, pneumonia
lemonheads, it’s a shame about ray


One Response to “vont leest*”

  1. minx Says:

    Ditto on several of those, man. Did you ever pick up the Idiot or Lust for Life? If so, what’d you think? I saw a cool youtube video of Iggy performing for TV during that period with Bowie on keyboards.

    Belle and Sebastian are legendary in the U.K and Ireland. I never went there, but supposedly Scotland (Edinburgh and Glasgow) are amazing for a lot of artistic and social reasons, these days.

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