this year, that year, whatevs

i really don’t much care for holidays such as this’n, but i can’t stay away because the network television is just so.damned.compelling. nighty-nighty.


top 10 teaser

uh, okay. there’s gonna be expository takes on the year in books, politiques and records churned out in the  forthcoming week. but for now, i thought i’d get my top 10 of 2006 (not in order, yet) out for your perusal:

anders parker, anders parker

hush arbors, landscape of bone

scott walker, the drift

liars, drum’s not dead

rapture, pieces of the people we love 

tara jane o’neil, in circles

gob iron, death songs for the living

the walkmen, one hundred miles off

magnolia electric company, fading trails 

sonic youth, rather ripped

more in ’07…keep it safe, friends.

goodyear strike ends

check it out.

i don’t want to sound critical of the Steelworkers or their bargaining team, because i’m sure they did the best they could with what they had.  but where are we as a labor movement when organizing = getting out the vote, and victory at bargaining = “sizeable retirement buyouts?”

WFMU, Top 10 Orwellian Moments of 2006!

Don’t miss it!

All of these horrid events number among my top 20 reasons why I’ll be glad to leave this 2006 bit in the dustbin.

who’d’ve thunk it?

john edwards has had a good day with the focus group of my mind. here’s a nice piece differentiating his platform from that of obama and hillary.

and be sure to check the video at his website. it gets good at about 1 minute, 21 seconds. note how he actually mentioned (foreign and domestic) poverty, as though it was, like, actually an issue.

Pabst-related sadness

le hate

as many of you know, i hate the decemberists. thanks to the always dependably snotty vice for putting my rage into snotty words.

“Oh good, more nasal songs about rogues and curs and bustles. Hey, could you let us know when the Wes Anderson Fantasy Songwriting Camp lets out and you go back to being a gangly lit dork who still gets shoved by people at 30. Just a heads-up’d be nice.”

(written by a saint named ‘Kelron Chubbard.’)