PrisonShip Imaginary Seven-Inch Series vol 19

Scott Walker, Plastic Palace People b/w Black Sheep Boy

Best we let Scott speak for himself. I’ll say only that his recorded output is probably the most singular and expansive work of any ‘pop’ musician since 1960.  Included here are tunes from the younger, easier days, though – before everything changed. I’m posting ’em cuz I felt like hearing ’em today. If you dunno about Walker’s subsequent, literally unprecedented career turn, lemme know.

An only-vaguely-related, Bowie-inspired rant. Being a record collector geek means knowing how Roxy Music easily outdoes him on the art-school front, and how Scott outdoes him on the weirdo Brechtian crooner front. None of this lessens Bowie’s importance for me, but it does point to the fact that he’s more of a great up-the-middle pop/rock guy than any sort of vanguardist. Rather than his experimentation, its’ his genius for cultivating an amazing crowd of co-conspirators (Mick Ronson, Eno, Fripp, Lou, Iggy) and mastering the song form that makes him who he is. Sorry, but I’ll take “Queen Bitch” and “You Shook Me Cold” over anything on Low.

2 Responses to “PrisonShip Imaginary Seven-Inch Series vol 19”

  1. coffeeblackandcigarettes Says:

    Heck yes, love. Scott is a musical phenomenon not to be compared! Really I can not think of another artist with his songwriting chops who can still pull it off. Even his crap is brilliant.

  2. Jason Says:

    There are some freebie scott walker downloads on the Salon Audiofile website

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