more influential (on subsequent bad alterna-rock) than nirvana?

this stuff’s a bit dated, sure… but the band doesn’t deserve to live on only through korn and that other crap. we forget how largely ignored drop-d tuning was prior to them 90s.

the instrumental break in the middle’s cool, too. i’m gonna go home and listen to their pre-Buzz Clip album (on amrep), so as to see if it still stands up.


6 Responses to “helmet?”

  1. minx Says:

    That song helped establish that guys without long hair could play heavy tunes.

  2. minx Says:

    Also note early use of no reverb on power chords.

  3. treadinguponthetigerstail Says:

    I heard this single and hence the album was one of my first acquisitions when I joined one of those by mail CD club things (buy 10 CDS for just 8 cents a piece!). I probably haven’t heard that song in 10 years, and I must say that my memory of it was a lot heavier than it sounds now. I still like the main riff and melody though.

  4. treadinguponthetigerstail Says:

    once again, this is jordan. Jesus, I need to sort this out.

  5. nuge Says:

    I too had this cd, but listening back on it I can’t get into it, like I can some of the better alternarock. This was just one of those bands to listen to for 5 minutes before football practice in 8th grade for me.

  6. Ryan Says:

    I definately think that these guys sound pretty influential on Korn and shit. I definately feel like they show a distinct Fugazi influence, which I feel like all those real shitty bands really bite.

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