and then there’s Oaxaca

where’s the mainstream US press on this, by the way? crazy to think that as recently as this summer, Wallerstein suggested that the leftward turn in our hemisphere has to  seep into Mexico to truly threaten US hegemony. well, here you have it, kids. note the violent repression at play, and don’t be surprised to hear of the electoral fraud perpetrated upon Mexico with the same goshdarn machines from Florida ‘2000.


2 Responses to “and then there’s Oaxaca”

  1. lainie Says:

    i lived in oaxaca during the summer of ’05, working in various health clinics on the coast. there was already talk then of a Lopez Obrador victory, and i remember one of my friends in Puerto Escondido citing a survey that indicated something like 70% of Mexicans backing this candidate, well before the elections. from the excitement surrounding Lopez Obrador then, i was sure that he would sweep the elections; Oaxacans (and Mexicans in general) were so eager for change. I find it impossible that Calderon is president-elect……….

  2. nuge Says:

    Did you all hear about that indimedia journalist that was shot in the stomach and died by paramilitaries in the subsequent protests. Apparently this guy was good friends with a friend of mine that is travelling in South America.

    Pretty rough stuff, I wonder how “bad” its going to have to get before that sort of stuff shows up here. For some reason I often have these feelings that the whole point of globalization is to A. prop up our capsizing economy while B. making a statement about those who don’t pull the party line. Dare I say our recent military campaigns, set the stage for part B.

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