Imaginary Seven-Inch Needs, News

I do like the idea of posting imaginary seven-inches on this site, tho I’ve no idea if anyone but my one and only accesses these files. I invite one and all to share requests, suggestions, comments or whatevers, or just lemme know if you (didn’t) like the things.

Coming up on the 20th seven-inch in the series, I’m planning on diversifying and experimenting with my modes of output in the 2007th year since you-know-what.  I’ve arrived at this enjoyable method of publication at a late point in my life, just as I only figured out an ersatz Paul Weller, ‘sports mod’ wardrobe at too old an age.


One Response to “Imaginary Seven-Inch Needs, News”

  1. coffeeblackandcigarettes Says:

    The imaginary 7″ series is like an indie pirate radio station that only broadcasts when the coppers aren’t looking. Keep up the good work. Your wardrobe is pretty great, too.

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