PrisonShip Imaginary Seven-Inch Series vol 17

Mojave 3, Candle Song b/w She’s All Up Above

(Liner Notes = ‘Holy Thursday,’ by Paul Muldoon)

They’re kindly here, to let us linger so late,
Long after the shutters are up.
A waiter glides from the kitchen with a plate
Of stew, or some thick soup,

And settles himself at the next table but one.
We know, you and I, that it’s over,
That something or other has come between
Us, whatever we are, or were.

The waiter swabs his plate with bread
And drains what’s left of his wine,
Then rearranges, one by one,
The knife, the fork, the spoon, the napkin,
The table itself, the chair he’s simply borrowed,
And smiles, and bows to his own absence.

(What a sonnet, that. Makes me wanna use the term ‘meditative’ in an earnest way. Same with Mojave 3. Also, you can from the rhymes that Muldoon started out formal-as-fuck, only to let the poem spread its wings beyond the form after all. Same is true of Mojave 3 and their ‘songs,’ the best of which cede the place of honor to a kind of ambient wash. I bet they just kill live. )


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