Vice Again

Rant all you want about profanity and Lower East Side elitist hipsters (the latter critique being about as compelling as hearing Newt Gingrich bemoan ‘PC’ – are these petty fops really endangering you?)…hell, I’ll join you.

After the rant, tell me what what isn’t perspicacious about this do/don’t and this one.  then tell me how you don’t feel implicated in either of the tactics discussed, notwithstanding your oh-so-populist anti-hipster stance. cuz really, i’d like to know how that feels.


3 Responses to “Vice Again”

  1. Wilbro Says:

    I use to not care much for hipsters, then I realized that I might actually be one, without consciousness involved in my fashion.

    Currently wearing:

    Tennessee Titans stocking cap, gray Stony Brook hoodie and gray athletic t-shirt advertising my high school’s basketball victory at “State,” blue jeans, black Clark’s loafers with white socks.

  2. Barry Says:

    Hipster dipster

  3. David Says:

    I can’t be all that hip since I had to look up the meaning of perspicacious. That said, I thought the do/don’ts were pretty funny.

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