PrisonShip Imaginary Seven-Inch Series vol 16

Labradford, El Lago b/w Streamlining

From A Stable Reference, an album I first heard at 16, after reading an interview in Speed Kills during a religion class, sophomore year. I just scored a cd copy cuz my alb copy is getting crackly.

These, the second and third songs on this amazing record, simultaneously index old, dark whimpers and help me navigate the present. Labradford is obviously too stoic for many, but also a lot of ‘noise’/’experimental’ people malign them for not being extreme enough, for retaining form and such. This same fate befalls groups like Flying Saucer Attack, Bardo Pond, the For Carnation  and Sonic Youth, too! I’ve nothing to say on the matter except that said stuff comes more naturally to me than the Beatles or AMM. It’s just my shit, you know? Leaving aside jazz for the moment, I’m constantly amazed to find how much of my musical taste is explained by evoking the Sonic Youth/Son Volt/Slint triad.

Anyway, dig this Labradford. This is from the early days when they still rocked vocals, and when the On Land-era Eno influence was still pretty present. It’s great.


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