Odds, Sods

Okay, I’ve got not many minutes until I must dash for a consultation re: my pharmaceutical life. In that time I’ll try to catch you up ‘news + notes’ style.

Aside from the marxist moralism, the AAA conference in San Jose was pretty amazing. I saw amazing panels about Bolivia, labor, capitalism/anthro, etc. I also confirmed that I’ll be working on my first serious publication, alongside a hero/mentor/friend/patron-type person. It’ll tackle political economy and political identity (theoretical fronts), in the context of two failed, libertarian ballot measures that just attacked Oregon.

Also San Jose rocked, featuring a lively and diverse population and the best karaoke club I’ve ever known. Therein I participant-observed as scores of sub-cliques danced and sung for themselves and each other. My sub-clique and I pranced, too, California-style or whatever.  The 10-hour rides to and fro were epic and populated with pals, too. Remember when there was time for more road trips, hungover or unhungover?

I’m quite enjoying this new blog life, as it’s more zine-like and less like the word-streaked, gory mirror that was Boatzone2. That said I’ll let fly that my primary daily mission is to feel unashamed., which is harder than a comprehensive exam and contrary to my previous 27 life-years.  Having so many comrades in the e-ether helps, as do books and records and friends and family in the life-world.

What’re y’all doing for Thanksgiving? I’m breaking for the coast with Raenie, Uncle Vano, a Nerf Football, a buncha colleagues and a member of my dissertation committee. Whether it’ll play out like a Bergman or Burt Reynolds movie is up to us, really.


3 Responses to “Odds, Sods”

  1. meredith Says:

    patrick,i support your primary daily mission.

  2. minx Says:

    About the only time I go Reynolds over Bergman is when I’m late, stuck in Atlanta traffic, and I start rockin’ some classic rock station (the kind that tries to include the likes of Foreigner and Styx in with the requisite Zep and Stones fare), having found nothing else. Or if El Vanio magically appears. But, I would love to go Bergman AND Reynolds wit’ you some time soon. Real soon.


  3. nuge Says:

    Oklahoma City, public golf courses, apartment tennis courts, college football. I’d love to see Texas lose on Friday!

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