Its Face

from WFMU

Amidst whatever we’re doing to stop wars and make meaningful lives and worthy work for ourselves, we mustn’t forget this horrid, banal face of our enemy.  I’m not trying to say that our side will win because our side has rock and roll (so doing, I’d imply that I think our side will win, or that ‘rock and roll’ is an instrumental force)… but I am saying that we can/should beat these scamps in a culture war with one four-track tied behind our backs.


5 Responses to “Its Face”

  1. treadinguponthetigerstail Says:

    that was disgusting. i am almost positive that both Jim DuBois and Ethan Chandler probably play in some kind of “praise band” showcasing the other version of their cover of “One” where they only have to change a few of the lyrics to make it reference Jesus.
    Your gift came in record time. Much love and gratitude for its thoughtfulness and intrigue. You are one helluva a gift-giver. All I can say is that your gift was perfect for us and where we are, but also perfectly references you and where you are. This is the ideal manifestation of gifting. Here’s an image for you: I now cook and clean listening to Radio Free America program #37 on an almost daily basis. This makes me an unconventional housewife, I think.

  2. Barry Says:

    It’s good to hear Michelle Shepherd is leading the northeast team nowadays. She’s a hard working broad.

  3. minx Says:

    Uh…that video. I didn’t make it to the end, but the weirdest part is the silence of the audience.

  4. treadinguponthetigerstail Says:

    you mean you didn’t wait and see the standing ovation at the end?
    For me, as disgusting as the context and the new lyrics were, the dude’s ultra-serious singing style was the most disturbing. this wasn’t just for fun, nor a mere unconventional activity to keep things loose.

  5. wobs Says:

    Holy crap! Is that what happens when they finally finish sucking away your soul? The burning!

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