Not to be Missed

Elsewhere in our extended universe:

My comrade/poetess/non-trot Meredith has hit the scene. Her blog’s a good spot for writerly, laborly, bric-a-brac-a-ly palaver. And she hipped me to this.

Barry Walker speaks!
Mainstays: 1) Cantstopthebleeding calls out Cheap Trick.

2) WFMU brings more horrid evangelical footage. And AM ambience.

3) Uncle takes on la guerre.

Enjoy. Tomorrow I’m off to San Jose for this action.

11 Responses to “Not to be Missed”

  1. Minxo Says:


    Does that mean you’re going to “cross boundaries, take chances, [and] play new roles without a script”?

  2. lexdexter Says:

    i’ve done enough of that shit by now. i’m just going to gawk at all the primitive people.

  3. Wil-bro Says:

    when you go to gawk, don’t forget to give them all sorts of foreign infectious diseases when you sleep with them.

  4. meredithly Says:

    so, can someone please tell me the difference between a critical intersection and a dangerous one? There is a six way intersection at Sandy and Burnside that is very dangerous (esp. if you ride a bike, or wander into the four square church and happen to be gay), but also critical (for making a left turn). oh, and patrick you will be pleased to know the buzzword in chicago at the summer school for not-trots (and the trots they attract) was “intersectionality.” My opinion is it is something worth practicing in our thinking, but not so useful to talk about as a concept.

  5. meredithly Says:

    oh and thanks for the plug. I have posted more steel worker news for you.

  6. Wil-bro Says:

    Pat –

    I’ve switched my blog website location so that I can post pictures/video/etc…My new blog can be found at:

  7. andrew schmidt Says:

    What happened to Ugly Scenery and TurnIntoGrass?

  8. minxo Says:

    We removed them. As publicly accessible blogs they became potentially problematic, in that our students and their parents could possibly access them and get the wrong idea, even though there isn’t anything unethical or bad about our blogs themselves. But, as you know, certain things appear differently to someone when seen online as opposed to other places.

  9. minxo Says:

    I should add that we’re going to make new blogs with more precautions.

  10. ejroosevelt Says:

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