For the VideoGame, Horse Crowd

I forgot to mention that Cassidy recently hipped me to this horse option out there in the websphere. This link comes with highest recommendations for the Sewanee crowd.


One Response to “For the VideoGame, Horse Crowd”

  1. Wilbro Says:

    Whoa, this looks awe-some! I can’t wait to be a horse owner. Have you already joined up on this thing? Speaking of videogames, today was “Emergence Day” – have you seen the T.V. spots for a game called “Gears of War”? I had to get it just to check out “Emergence Day: 11/12/2006” – it’s a day long videogame tourney via the internet through the Xbox 360 – it’s been pretty fun. You get a gun with a chainsaw for a bayonet and can run up to peeps and carve ’em in half – blood splatters all over the screen, they scream in agony, then their screams just turn into blood-choked gurgles.

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