i just rented this movie and this movie, over at a little place dave likes to call, “the video store.” six counties fulla netflix’ll never quench my hankering for a good, clean, well-lit video store.

One Response to “boom!”

  1. Wilbro Says:

    I love “Cannoball Run II” – can’t say I’ve ever seen “Truck Turner,” but I’m sure it’s good – I tend to judge films by the boxcover, and I think it’s a good strategy, still, and that’s one helluva boxcover. I gotta admit, I love the cameo – that, and films chuck fulla stars – from the original “Cannonball,” its subsequent manifestation (Shirley MacLaine!?!), all the way to “A Bridge Too Far” – perhaps the greatest of the star-studded action flicks. If you can find one that trumps it, let me know.

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